Sea Security Team – Global Maritime Security consultants


SEACURITEAM GROUP Ltd., concept covers a full range of comprehensive security solutions for maritime applications.

Global maritime piracy and armed robbery are more rampant than ever and attacks continue to increase. No vessel type or maritime installation, whether super tankers, platforms, supply boats or yachts, is immune from the risk of being targeted. While the Horn of Africa region has made headline news, hundreds of attacks go unreported all over the world. Lives and cargo are lost. Insurance rates are pushed higher.

SEACURITEAM GROP Ltd., provide consultancy, services and equipment to mitigate the security risks in a specific operational environment come as a self-designed comprehensive package or as separate elements in support of a customer designed security solution. We help our customers to protect and defend any objects and property.


Signatory Company of the International code of conduct for security services (ICoC) and committed to the responsible provision of Security Services so as to support the rule of law, respect the human rights of all persons, and protect the interests of their clients.
                      UNGM Registration Number: 214,787