Services :: Sea Security Team – Global Maritime Security consultants



provides the following scope of services:

Consultancy services

  • Risk analysis
  • Security surveys
  • Security strategy – including Operations and Technology (intelligence gathering measures, awareness and identification systems, active/ passive security systems, communications, lethal / non-lethal warfare measures).

On-Board Protection

  • Our company provides professional trained security teams – all members of the security teams are veterans of prominent Israeli commando and counter-terrorism units,  and boast of much specialized combat experience.

Operational staff

  • For specific missions, that are decided and planned in collaboration with our customers.

Piracy / terrorism protection

  • Deployment of operational staff on board for the minimum period required to secure the vessel in the relevant zone.
  • Rescue of Kidnapped Crewmembers

Security of Onshore, Offshore Oil/Gas Rigs and Platforms

  • Complete site survey
  • Offshore oil ring security assessment and security plan
  • Installation of permanent or temporary anti boarding equipment
  • Anti-Piracy Passive and Active protection
  • On board protection
  • Security officers

Diving Team

  • For specific security needs.

Real-time briefings, as needed for specific situations

  • Vessels (cargo ships, cruise ships, yachts).
  • Off-shore oil fields – oil rigs / drilling units.
  • Coastline protection.
  • Port protection.
  • Specialized maritime rigs / zones.

*Real time briefings can be held by telephone, e-mail or face-to-face – depending upon the specific needs.


 SEACURITEAM GROUP Ltd., has own IMSA (International Maritime Security Academy)

and provides all kind of seminars and training to support the client’s needs:

Anti-piracy / anti-terror seminars and trainings

SEACURITEAM GROUP Ltd., trains crews for security and anti-piracy operations (tactic units, PFSO, SSO, SOLAS, ISPS, technologies & on-board training).

The training sessions take place in our training facilities in Israel or, at the client’s request, in any suitable location worldwide.

Special security needs

We arrange for special training for specific needs, depending upon the client’s requirements

(i.e. oil fields / rigs, port protection, etc.).